The Dawn Of A New Literature

Every age has its medium. Every medium has its imperfections, which come together as the set of norms meant to put a restraint in the behavior of the particular medium in fashion. Sets of rules, as it has been proved, stress society’s achievements and brew cracks where before smooth pavements kept earth from breaking through.

Our medium in this day and age is the Internet.

A network of streams breaking with the norm because that’s what a creative mean is for. Because that’s what humans come together to do: create and break through, until the medium in use is no longer a novelty.

Humans as a species love novelties ~ and love finding something even fresher.

This website (unless you disagree we have the right to pursue all the aptitudes of what this medium can allow us to achieve as of now) is a corner of a new literature. The literature that never broke with the past of true egotistical romanticism of the lost generation nor broke with the illusion of refreshment brought along by the beat generation (with its “idealizing of exuberant, unexpurgated means of expression and being“). A new literature that is not as new as it is simply thought of by fresh spirits, ready to learn from the past but also ready to break with it in order to reach a new dawn.

With all due love and respect.

Welcome to

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