A friend of mine recently asked me, “Isn’t motherhood the greatest!?” to which I responded, “Ya, it’s awesome.”  I suppose this was probably the quickest and lamest answer I could muster after a twelve hour work day but the word does encapsulate parenthood.  It is awesome & magical & breathtaking & tiring & trying and all those other adjectives which can fit into the definition of motherhood.  Yet to me, one of the best things about becoming a mother has been the chance to witness 1st hand my husband becoming a father.  From that first grainy picture, he has been there; on the journey with me and though he can be overly opinionated & sometimes bossy and almost always overdresses our son, which I blame on his Guatemalan roots-his patience knows no bounds.  Watching him watch this amazing little being we created together is magical.

Then when London does something hilarious, which since he’s a toddler, is often, we catch each other’s eye and the same thought is there-“How did we make such an awesome kid?” and the fact that we both know that & recognize that same sense of awe in each other is what makes it amazing.  That there’s someone else besides me on this planet who loves this kid as much as I do and is there raising him along side me.  It is a luxury that previous generations longed for I am sure as prior to the last few decades, parenthood was very much a one woman show. Dads were the weekend disciplinarians, the figures who swooped in for a quick game of tag in the backyard and goodnight pat on the head.  I know because that is my Dad and though I wouldn’t trade him for the world, raising children with him was no doubt trying at times.  I want somebody in the thick of it with me, tackling the chaos head-on, side by side, not leading the way from a safe distance ahead.

So thank-you my love for being the husband that you are and the father you became.  I couldn’t imagine doing this without you.  It’s made my journey into motherhood that much sweeter and I would not have picked anyone else-nor, I am sure, would have London.