Why is it that having a hobby is healthy and being mildly obsessed with a band, a movie star or a literature character harmful?

Humans have a funny way to categorize everything and make sure that, whatever it is that is placed above or beneath previously traced lines, is crushed back to exist within limits or expelled forcefully through the use of real-world politics.
Yes, I used the word politics.
Because politics is exactly what one may find meticulously defined in the contents of a dictionary: power struggle, machinations, maneuvering and finally opportunism. Part of the reason why I hate politics so much is how aware I am of its influence and how incredibly sensible I am about its effect on people.
Politics push everybody to think like everybody and I have no patience regarding those individuals who won’t let me be an individual. To constantly feel pressure to make a good impression because, believe it or not, I might offend Joe and Jack over there when they finally find out my radical and poetic visions regarding my own self and my own preferences when it comes to whatever do not match theirs.
‘Whatever’ is too much of an issue to deal with because taboo is a much easier thing to fight over than, I don’t know, anything that is truly important. Because the idea of fighting, after all, is overrated and blown out of proportions, which leaves nothing to the imagination and everything to the shallow. To fight over something is a luxury item that is truly available for all.
The one thing we have in common: the capacity to argue over nothing.
When one argues my “opinion” (note how I placed opinion between quotation marks) offends them or outrages them or makes me less of the human I obviously am, I puke a little inside my mouth but before feeling sick, I feel fine.
I, in the end, know better while the pig that spits on my face knows only how to be… a pig. That’s true politics, to point the finger at somebody for having some ludicrous idea and mock him or her for expressing thoughts in a very inoffensive manner. To create the idea in others that a harmless someone is not worth any attention and to do so forcefully, through the use of a detrimental and abusive approach… now that is politics.
Wow. A post that started as a rebellious way of telling the world I do not like to hide what I feel that finished with a rant about real-world politics… We haven’t changed much since Columbus ‘came across’ the Americas and I guess evolution is nothing but a faint notion of idealized humanity that mankind is simply not able to wrap its collective mind around… and never will.