More whole & perfectly put together than I ever could have imagined, you are no more an abstract thought, a face yet unseen, a shadow of us.  You are here, you exist and there we stand in awe.

Like an echo sent off into the distance, made with familiar sounds & textures, I recognize parts of us in you.  Yet like an echo, which in the journeying back to one’s ears evolves and becomes its own sound, you are entirely you.

In the one short month I’ve been blessed to look upon your darling face I’ve seen expressions cross it that remind me of Edgar and others that make me laugh out loud in their simplicity and newness.  You create a constant cacophony of sounds similar to my brother Drew and your thick, dark hair is inherited from my Mother.   The genetic echo expands even wider, right down to your long, Norwegian toes, compliments of my paternal great-grandfather Clayton.

And as you grow & grow & grow, already so much in four quick weeks, the person you are & who you will be is taking shape before our eyes and we can only imagine the places you will go.  For you are our echo into the future.  Parts of each of us, Edgar & I and those around us & before us, will continue on through you, in one way or another, reverberating around this world long after we are gone.