Waylon is singing about Luckenbach–now Willie is chiming in too–and it’s grabbing me again. This song. This song that says everything that I feel.

It used to be that I thought success & happiness (though not entirely–but certainly some) was linked with grand things; with nights at the theatre in elegant dresses and of course there would be champagne; with a nice car and fine wines; with deep pockets. I wanted fame to rush through me and shine out of my fingertips. I wanted to be someone BIG.

Those things are nice, no doubt, but only in moderation. I want to be hungry–to strive for more in life–more knowledge, more peace, more love. I want to be happy in the simplicity of things. I want to be BIG only to those that matter–my family; my friends. I want only to be me and to be happy with that.

I want to wake up and breathe nothing but mountain air. I want to hear birds chirping and wind in the trees. I want to laugh with life and I want to love like crazy the whole way through.

So Waylon is on to something; because hell if it isn’t time to get back to the basics of love–and of life.

“So baby, I’m selling my diamond ring
Buying some boots and faded jeans and going away…”