On a recent sojourn into the depths of my giant magazine pile, I came across an interesting article about the merits of quietude.  In a world literally buzzing with noise, it is hard to notice those subtle little sounds which make life sweeter and bind us not only to nature and the environment around us, but also to each other.  So this week, I’ve attempted to tone down the daily cacophony of sound which surrounds me in an effort to enjoy those everyday noises we nearly always overlook.

There’s the sound of my ordinarily ornery & cantankerous cat, snoring ever so sweetly in front of the fireplace.  Or that sweet sound of my car engine turning over, which as anyone who’s ever owned a vehicle that didn’t readily do this can attest too, a running car is a sweet sound indeed.  The distant wail of a southbound train, the steady heartbeat of a loved one, the AM chirpings of a springtime robin….these are all the little noises, those almost imperceptible sounds which can sneak by us daily.  So I for one, am turning things down, so that I always may be able to hear and be calmed by the natural soundtrack of life.