I feel like I should hear it swooshing by—or that I should feel it dance thru my hair like the wind. Where has all of this time gone? November? Yes, November.

This morning I found myself caught up in this confusion—this lost time conundrum. I was trying to find a solution or at least an explanation. I felt as if someone came into my life and ripped days—no months—out of my calendar.

There were so many things that I meant to do. There were milestones that I had somehow known that I’d had reached by now that still seem so distant and ever-elusive before me.

But then, that’s life. It’s never on the time-line that we deemed appropriate. It’s wild and imaginative and has a robust sense of humor that I’m still trying to catch up with.

I’m not where I thought that I would be. And that’s okay. I’m here and I’m doing well and I am happy. And I know that all of those amazing things that I thought would happen—will, but on their own accord. Life unfolds as it will. It flies by and halts to a crawl-it goes where it goes. And I will do my best to be me and to live like a wild giant full of laughter.