Living only made me think about dying, that’s why I believe human’s true mission in life is to learn to let go.

Yes, you say, we never learn to let go.

Those who seem to be able to let go easier of things and people can’t even learn to let go of their previously-acquired bitterness.

Yes. Those who can let go are called bitter yet they’re only doing what they were told to do.

By whom?


Life doesn’t tell us anything.

Of course not – it whispers. If  life lived amongst us it would learn to scream and the whole world would listen to the painful sound of letting go; after all, not even life itself lets go of it easily.

You fool, you say, there’s nothing wrong with letting go and dealing with loss your own way.

I know.

So how come you’re sitting here telling me that human’s mission in life is to learn to let go?

Because it’s the only thing none of us was ever able to learn.


You know what else? – what?

Irony is life’s instruction manual.