The other day, while out for an autumn stroll, Edgar and I decided to do our civic duty and pick up trash.  Tired of seeing me reach for a piece of gritty garbage with my bare hands, my horrified husband had produced a garbage pick, the kind that old men in New York City aimlessly walk around with, and after arming ourselves with a trash bag; we were set.

Now, unlike my former LA barrio, my Victorian hometown is relatively clean and picturesque.  At least that is what I thought prior to our trash expedition.  I suppose one is bound to find more garbage when actually seeking it out but I was still disgusted by the sheer volume of crap we collected in a five block radius.  The majority of it was fast food containers and candy wrappers, which I believe points pretty clearly towards who the primary lazyass garbage offenders truly are.  Then, there were the few odd pieces we ran across which we harder to imagine, such as not one but two full sushi trays laying haphazardly on the side of the road.  What was that? A drive by sushiing? Who drives down the street, eating a food which is hard enough to conquer on a non-rolling surface and then tosses the whole thing out of the window?? Twice??

Maybe I’ll never know the answers to what makes some people totally disregard their fellow human beings as well as nature.  Why do some think it is perfectly acceptable to leave their empty big gulp cup’s and McDonald’s wrappers in the middle of the road? Or why others toss their candy wrappers out the car window as easily as taking a breath.  The only thing I know for sure though, is those kind of people, the medicore, selfish, trash makers; are the majority behind what goes wrong in this beautiful world and I thank my lucky stars that I’m not one of them.