I guess we’ve been told as kids that anything in the world can be ours if we only try but trying is not the type of thing one knows how to pass on. From day one on, instead, we learn that trying is hard and that to give in to temptation is nothing but a flaw of character.


Trying is seemingly nothing but tempting to give in to the kinds of visions you’ve nurtured and never imagined to be as close to you as the ocean is to the sand, and I say this with the authority of one who fears trying too hard and failing or trying too little and accomplishing it all, which would surely lead to a heartbreak too intense to bear – too humiliating to harness – and too pale to sustain as shield from all the shinny things I never tempted to venture with.

Temptation; the damnation of a willing mind attempting to try it all. The design that excuses us into the structure of a cave that was never meant for human living. The remaining bones of the skeleton of this true flaw of character: wanting to experiment with life and being allowed to fail or not, which is inherently earthlike and will never be otherwise.

Let me tempt and temper, let me run amok or lay down quietly, let me fail or succeed but let me.

I’m not asking nicely. ~