“Shhhh…” she whispered, “It’s time now that I tell you a story…”

At this point you may expect for it to begin with a “Once upon a time…” but that’s not how this story begins; it’s far more fantastical than that.

“We are held in the Stars,” she began. “ We are held there and kissed with magic until it is our time. And then we are here. And most of us forget that we were ever kissed by the Stars—we don’t believe that magic exists—particularly within ourselves.  So most of us live without ever realizing that just being is magic. Most are content in the hum-drum of what this world appears to be; they are nestled in the comfort of a decent job or a good meal. But there are those who cannot live so quietly within themselves—there are those who have somehow managed to discover the wild beauty of this earth. “

“The Stars gave the earth a baby girl. They kissed her two blue eyes closed and sent her on her way…”

Now I suppose that you are waiting to hear what happened to the girl who had been given stars for her eyes? Or perhaps a boy with eyes of the dirt of the earth? Well you won’t find any endings here…the magic, remember is within you. And magic gives birth to the most fantastical stories.