We create memories. We create things. We create other little humans. We build great monuments. We write. We perform. We paint.  We do whatever we must do to be able to look at ourselves and say, “There I am living. There I am full of life. There I am leaving a trace —of my existence. Those are the things that I gave to this world.”

It is our power and our unique gift to know that we must live such as this. It is also our burden.  It makes us wake up and know that everyday means something. That everyday is your chance to create even the simplest of miracles—to write the perfect line—to sing a song that grabs even one heart.

It also means that everyday is a challenge. That everyday is an opportunity to fail—to not live as you should—full and wild.

But then, that is what pushes us.  To be better (in some form). To create something entirely and distinctively your own. To be an artist in the sense that this is your life and you will leave your mark. You will live and create. You will live. And you will do it with everything (EVERYTHING!) that you have.