Earth is the thing that feeds us.  Its minerals nourish us, its bedrock supports us and it is the place we all return to when our stories are over.  Its fickle nature can bring famine or a feast and in its simplicity, it can be overwhelming.

And therein lies my dilemma~

I love city life; the hard-edged urban beat which pulses thru its’ concrete streets.  The mash-up of cultures & beliefs and the ability to be anyone you want to be at anytime of day.  The desire to strive to stand out in a city of millions or to get lost in the comforting crush of the thousands.  Choices surround you, and life bombards you; moving with the pace of a hummingbird’s wings.

And yet there’s something infinitely satisfying about having dirt under your nails and watching a dry, lifeless seed grow into something green & beautiful. And no matter how urban living tries to tame dirt, to pave it, cover it, obliterate it, its unbridled power cannot be entirely forgotten or erased as any metropolitan earthquake footage will tell you.  So what I yearn for, what I crave, is that balance; between brown & grey, an open field and a concrete jungle, the entwining of the city life I had and the country life I was born into.