Lessons From my Mama

1.)  Be a lion when you love; furiously & loyally.

2.)  Laugh out loud. Snort if you must.

3.)  Run barefoot.

4.)  Pick wildflowers for your hair.

5.)  Cook with wine.

6.)  Be patient with love & painting (both of which can be exasperating).

7.)  Let your imagination run wild.

8.)  Grow gardens.

9.)  Don’t be afraid to make an ass out of yourself if it will make someone you love laugh or smile—or maybe they will just look at you like “you dumb bastard” but you know that they can’t help but to love you.

10.) Be colorful.

11.) Stand by your convictions.

12.) Live with honor & integrity.

13.) You can say fuck, shit or damn but don’t take the lords name in vain—also, one must not say aloud “fart” or the C-word.

14.) Believe in magic—wish on stars, look for fairies—know that miracles do happen.

15.) Know that you—YOU!—are pretty fucking amazing!

16.)  Sing when you want to.

17.) Dream as big as you want—there isn’t a damn thing in this world that we can’t accomplish if we work for it & believe in it & ourselves.

18.)  Suffer for beauty

19.) Own the room, you little vixen!

20.)  Be kind.

21.)  A smile is such a simple thing to give & it can change the course of the world.

22.)  Pull furniture away from the wall just a bit—it will make the room appear larger.

23.)  Wear sexy underwear. That little boost in confidence goes a long way.

24.)  Show some manners, damn it!

25.)  Keep hold of your innocence. It is your magic.

26.)   Be a badass; know how to use power tools  & put hardwood floors in.

27.) Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

28.)  Be there for those you love. No matter what.

29.)  Live in the moment.  Taste every flavor. Laugh when you can, cry when you must.  Let the wild animal that you are really live.

30.)  Say I love you often & you bloody well mean it!