His death spreads out before us, like a pebble tossed into a smooth, clear lake.  And, like the ripples on the pristine surface, growing ever wider and encompassing more and more, it’s evident that the loss of him has, and will, reach the far corners of this world.

Though my heartbreak is small, even infantismal, when compared to the engulfing grief of others, I can feel his absence.  Yet, his essence lingers.  The sound of his voice and the soft swish of his leather jacket still echo in my ears and I can almost catch the fleeting smell of his cigarettes.  Very few people in this world have lived life as fully and courageously as he, and his enthusiasm for living was inspiring.  What a legacy he leaves, what a life he lived, what a man he was.  His calm and capable presence pervaded all he did and I feel proud to have known him at all and ashamed to have not known him better.

Dedicated to a true pioneering spirit, Mike Worthey~