The Blood that Binds

It runs thick. It runs with a wild passion. It beats our names—yes—but more than that, it beats out the true essence of us. All of us. Alisha, it calls. Drew! Aubrey and Anna it exhales. Sammi it shouts! It finishes with the sigh of Josh to only begin again with Alisha. This is the blood that binds. This is the blood that works like a braid, tying us together until we are so entwined and entangled that we become one disheveled entity.  One miraculous tangle of humans; a blood gang of brothers and sisters.

We share the same battles. We share the same memories, the laughter, the stories, the scars. We can run our hands along the same rough wood that sides that house that we watched be built up there on that big hill and feel at home. We can breathe that cool mountain air and know that it holds all of us (and not just us but our fathers and their fathers) within it.

When I am happy, I think of you.

When I am terribly sad, I think of you.

Sometimes, even when the clouds lay just so, all that I can think is how I would like to show each of you this giant alligator boogie chillin’ in the blue blue sky.

I feel so incredibly lucky to know each of you. To call you mine—my sisters—my brothers. So this is my love letter to the six of us: May we always—and I mean always—know how damn lucky we are. I have the five of you to call my friends—and friends we will be—far beyond this life. I love you!