I read somewhere that courage must be extensively used and often trained. Like a muscle, the poem assured me, it might shrink if it’s not put to use.

One might think that agreeing should be enough. Nodding and smiling strangely while admitting I’ve failed to realize the obvious ~ prior to the acceptance of this unspoken treaty of simple truth ~ should be enough but no. It isn’t. Accepting the fate of understanding and admitting my previous unconscious and unspoken belief wasn’t enough.

I preferred to carry on and consume myself with remorse.

I waved a white flag and willingly waited for the impatient remarks with a bouquet of purple hyacinth in hands. I wanted to be reprimanded for my mindless bigotry.  How could have I hated so many precisely because they lacked the one quality that must be used like a muscle before it’s correctly executed by its conqueror? How could have I been so selfish and even cruel? After all, cowards must not know there is something called courage that is not quite a quality inherent in humanity and yet, it’s constantly admired and seen as one of the noblest if not the noblest characteristic a man could possess.

Courage is not for all and because of that I should not expect it to be showcased as if it were a trait evenly present in all subjects of the human kind. Courage is that extra dedication one owns and displays humbly to those who never thought they would ever come to the point of really needing it.

The cliché becomes the truth and truth is that courage springs from the most unpretentious of soils.

Or so I heard.