It grows silently at first—creeping up the giant tree that is us like nothing more than a meager little vine. Higher & higher. It sprouts a branch; two and then three. And in one miraculous moment we realize! “AH HA! Look what I have grown!” A voice. An amazing, wonderful voice full of words strung together that no other mouth could have said.

Sometimes we loose it. Sometimes we forget to look for it. We forget where we left it. We forget that we ever had it to begin with.

Sometimes we think that it may be easier without that lion that lives caged within us—so we let it go on purpose—and put others words strung together on the tip of our tongues. We try on other peoples thoughts so often that we don’t recognize our own.

It’s too easy to become comfortable wearing the voice of someone else and I fear, that it has grown far too common. There are all of these wonderful (maybe electrifying, magical, inspiring—even terrifying) combinations of words and ideas that we have allowed to be tucked away.

So let us speak! Speak! And say all of those wildly amazing human things that you have to say.