A Call of Revolt

This is my cry! This is my Revolt (for the moment). This is me questioning you. This is me asking you to question me.  This is my stance against what we have become.

I am not typically a political person. I sit on the sidelines. I watch. I flutter around ideas that have beautiful borders—portraits of kindness. I vote because it is my duty. I am proud because it is in my blood. My ancestors lives are interwoven in the history of this nation—they were great people fulfilling great dreams in a land that could make even them look small.

It has come to my attention that we have dishonored them. I am guessing that we have dishonored your people—your history—as well. At what point did we become so complacent? When did we let the fight in each of us go? When did we say that it was okay to be herded—to let another mans thoughts fill our brains and dictate our lives?  That is not the American that I know or that I strive to be.

Our government was built to serve us (yes, us! We lowly people). It was constructed to protect us and to serve us. Hell, it even gave us the right to bare arms so that the common man was never less than anything a government can grow to be. Our nation that was founded on so many lofty ideas has grown weary—it is covered now in bureaucratic red tape. It is dirtied by greed and corruption. It has grown into a great beast that we must protect and serve. It has acquired an appetite for revenue that our small pockets can’t possibly fill.

It enables people to do less with their lives (I took a friends’ unemployment check to the bank to discover that the government pays him more weekly than my bi-monthly check I receive for working full time. Why work when unemployment will offer you greater wages? The common man is crushed by enormous economic woes—homes are foreclosed on—school programs are cut– small business’ fail as large corporations prosper (they have money to endorse politicians, you know?).

Our government has a ticket for everything. We need permits to do anything. And we are taxed again and again.  I am pretty sure that my ancestors left the land of King George for a reason. But somehow, his policies seemed to have followed them here. Just a few hundred years later we have become everything that we set out not to be.

Agree with me or don’t. But raise your own questions and do us all a favor and think for yourself.