There is an inalienable right, in life, to be allowed to strive for something better.  To be able to dream of grander things & hope for something more~it’s part of what makes us human.  And who can blame someone for dreaming?? For having the courage to leap into the unknown in the fierce hope of finding a life worth living??

So this is my Cheers to all those who leap.  Those who set out on an unknown adventure, to new lands, new languages, new lives.  And as we sit back, in our glass tower, and criticize those who come, hoping to get in, it would be wise to ask how we got there ourselves and whether we would have the courage to do it again.

Dedicated to all those who’ve come before me and those dreamers I’ve met along the way, who had the guts to leave all they’ve ever known in the hopes of finding something better.  May I be as brave as you.