My mom is an eternal fountain of encouragements. She believes in me with all of her. She believes in my brother and sister with each beat of her heart. She believes in the world in all its grandeur and knows that we will always strive to do well by it. My mother has taught me that I can do anything; that the world is mine as it is yours.

And because I can do anything it is hard to do, to practice, to be any just one thing. It is hard to say that I will dedicate my life to just one cause—one place—one dream. And when people ask me what I plan to do with this one crazy life, how do I put that down into words? How do I tell them that because I can do anything, I will attempt everything?

We are here. We are here only for a short time. The days are ticking and I still haven’t been a novelist, an activist—I’m on the verge of being an anarchist—the days, they are adding up and I haven’t begun my career as a painter or a philosopher.

Why be just one thing when you can attempt everything? Why not take from this life all that you can?

So, “Shine on you crazy diamond, shine on!”