What to do while in the dark, waiting for light?

Plenty of things; my rational self replies in a crispy tone as if nothing that I’ve ever tried to teach it was even worth my time.

Nothing but cry, be miserable and then wait a bit longer; my fully functional, emotional self replies while chewing on a chunk of shameless and impractical love of everything that even seemingly improbable is more real than the hands I type these words with.

What to do but wait, in the dark for the light you know the color and warmth of but never felt the reality of…? Wait.

The certainty of a reality that is nothing but what you’ve imagined for yourself makes it tolerable. The tolerance makes it real. The reality makes it heavier than the skies above your head because it’s made of that matter that creates more of the matter you carry so heavily around on your shoulders like a sack of guilt… Belief.

The faith in whatever you choose to believe in even if it’s just the belief in you.

So I wait in the dark for the light I’ve known of without questioning its source, only believing it’s always been there regardless of how or when.

Answers never question beliefs.

~I’ve been rather repetitive lately, forgive me <…3