Drew’s hair is it’s own wild beast. It has parties; it rocks and it rolls. It brings out the wolf within him. It tells him that it is okay to howl at the moon. And it is Drew; it most definitely is.

We try so hard to mold ourselves into this perfect little human with kempt clothes and combed hair. We try to be what everyone wants us to be. We try so hard to quiet that wild wolf. We try to pretend that we aren’t all animals full of guttural growls.

And I must tell you; my brother is one of the most true & courageous animals that I know. He is not afraid of the feral beast inside. He questions everything—he tears things apart to understand. He roars with laughter and his anger.  He allows himself to live the greatest moments and he crawls himself out of the shit mess that sometimes we fall in. He brings color everywhere he goes. He rips the world open with his curiosity.

So this is an ode to my brother: may we all learn to be the wild little beasts that we are.